Jeep Safari

10:00 - 17:00
Unveil the secrets of the Aegean paradise of Skiathos. An amazing 60kms route to explore the island and witness the hidden beauty of nature that can only be found at the Sporades Islands.
After leaving the monastery our second stop will be at the Kastro (Castle) at the old city of Skiathos. There an amazing imaginary voyage in time awaits, a glance at the lives of the locals of the 13th and 14th century. Troubled times for the people who used to seek shelter and protection at the Kastro, when the town was attacked by pirates, that used to rule the Aegean Sea surrounding the Sporades islands. On our way to the top, we can see many old and very picturesque churches. Driving through the spectacular nature, the route will not let down anybody with the asphalt giving its place to dirt road and the other way around.
This very exciting day begins with your early morning pickup and once everyone is on board, we’ll kick off our journey’s schedule.
The historical “birthplace” of the Greek flag, The Monastery of Evangelistria is the first stop of our journey. In the newly renovated monastery you can see a functioning distillery that produces wine and “tsipouro” (in limited quantities) that are not available anywhere else in the world. Also, a museum with a number of historical items relevant to the island’s past and the Greek revolution.

The beautiful scenery of the unspoiled nature continues, as we drive through the forest-like wilderness on our way to our next stop, Kechria beach. There you will have the chance for a quick swim and enjoy the crystal waters on one of the most famous beaches of the island. Guests will also have time to have lunch in the beautiful beach taverna that is situated there (lunch is not included in the price).
On our way from the northern part of the island to the western part, we will pass the Monastery of Kounistra and go to the “postcard-picture” bay of Elias. On the way to the west peak of the Island, Koukounaries we will pass the beautiful Mandraki beach famous for its golden and glittering sand. With the final drive through the famous Mandraki forest you will begin your return and the trip will end at approximately 18:00

Don’t forget:
- Camera
- Sunscreen (or a hat)
- Dress code (skirts for ladies, trousers for men, shoulders covered)