Dear Customers,

Your health is our priority.

Due to the latest notifications for the covid-19, we take all the appropriate measures to protect our guests and the staff. We are equipped with steam cleaners to disinfect the rooms and vehicles after any use. We are monitoring carefully all the new rules of the Foreign and Commonwealth office and local authorities.

Due to the latest notifications, we take the following measures to protect our guests and staff:

-A member of Senior Management serves as an expert on property to ensure all health and safety measures set forth by government mandates are implemented.
-Temperature checks will be required of all employees, vendors and contractors as they arrive at the premises.
-We provide each member of staff with adequate personal protection measures.
-Τhere is a special equipment (medical kit) in case in the event of an incident.
-Sanitary services in all public areas of our office.
-Our minivan will carry 5 guests maximum. Exceptionally it is permissible to exceed the passenger limit in the case of a family with more members.
-Collaboration with a doctor specialized on COVID-19
-We keep a file with the number of the staff and the guest details that they will be accommodated at the hotels (name, nationality, check in date, check out day, telephone number, e-mail, address).